Orthopedic Surgery

Immersive Visualization of Muscles and Implant Placement

Shoulder visualization (MRI): Visualizing with great details the muscles and tendons of the patients before performing an arthroplasty.


Depth visualization of muscles and bones

Measurement in 3D and in VR of muscles and bones

Import of segmented bones, implants or instrumentations

Potential Use and Benefits of Our Future Medical Solution

Surgical Decision tool

improved accuracy

Surgical Planning

implant selection

Control in the OR

implant placement confirmation

operating time

implant burden



I can see one 3 dimensional image rather than looking at multiple 2 dimensional images in 3 different planes. That saves time dramatically […] and this is the way we see things, it is more natural[…] What AVATAR brought to the table is interaction with that image. Now you can actually interact with the image, go into the image and look at exactly what you need to focus on, whether it is for presurgical planning or showing something to the patient..
Dr. Greg Sarin
D.O. Orthopedic Surgeon, Colorado
Being able to visualize with great details, the involvement of the sarcoma on bones, and surrounding structures in 3D and in VR offers a great potential to better prepare long and complex surgeries and to define tumor margins.
Dr. Matthew Colman
Associate Professor, Spine Surgery and Musculoskeletal Oncology, Rush University Medical Center
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