The Virtual Reality Assistant For Surgeons

AVATAR MEDICAL is an upcoming venture based on research from the Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie

AVATAR MEDICAL creates patient avatars to help surgeons prepare their surgeries.

Our technology instantly creates interactive 3D representations of patients based on standard medical images in an immersive virtual reality context.

For research use only.

T1 Injected Breast MRI

Same MRI Using Our Technology


Surgeons navigate into interactive 3D patient avatars using virtual reality


MRI and CT scans are instantaneously converted into customizable digital avatars


Patient avatars specifically highlight structures that surgeons need to visualize (tumor, blood vessels, organs, etc.)


  • Enhanced understanding of morphology and structures

  • High-quality image analysis and measurements 

  • Unified visualization of multiple avatars of the same patient

  • Improved memorization and preparation prior to surgery

  • Patient education

  • Efficient communication between radiologists and surgeons

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