Sarcoma Surgery

Immersive visualization of tumor involvement

Sarcoma Visualization in Virtual Reality

Pelvic Sarcoma: Visualization of surrounding vessels and impact on bone of this pelvic sarcoma

Outstanding visualization

Tumor involvement on bones and soft tissues

Tissues to preserve: vessels, nerves, articulations

Vessels for reconstruction

Potential Use and Benefits of Our Future Medical Solution

Surgical Decision Tool

Better understanding of surgical margins

Surgical Planning

Defining which surgeons need to be onsite

Surgical Gesture

Better preservation of tissue

Less reoperation

Cost saving

Shorter patient recovery


Being able to visualize with great details, the involvement of the sarcoma on bones, and surrounding structures in 3D and in VR offers a great potential to better prepare long and complex surgeries and to define tumor margins.
Dr. Matthew Colman
Associate Professor, Spine Surgery and Musculoskeletal Oncology, Rush University Medical Center
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