With AVATAR MEDICAL™, vascular CT Scans can be converted instantaneously into an interactive 3D patient avatar to enhance understanding for clinicians, students and patients.

Aorta Dissection

Kidney Aneurysm

Vascular Exploration of Kidney Aneurysm

Vascular surgeons need to be able to decide which surgery to perform, between open and endovascular surgeries. To make their decisions, they need a clear understanding of their patient’s anatomy such as:

  • Volume and anatomy of aneurysm
  • Collateral branches configuration
  • Ostium localization

AVATAR MEDICAL™ is the most accurate and convenient solution to get an in depth visualization of the vascular system in high resolution.

Benefits of our Research Use Only solution:

  • Accelerating diagnostic training of surgeons, fellows and residents
  • Explaining surgical decisions to patients with 3D and VR representations
  • Providing reliable 3D and VR visualization of vascular system for research purposes

In our future medical solution, we aim to support surgeons, radiologists and physicians in: 

  • Making the best medical and surgical decision: no surgery, endoscopy or open surgery?
  • Anticipating the level of difficulty, preparing the surgical procedure 
  • Saving time in surgical preparation creating more efficient surgical procedures.
Our goal is ultimately to improve patient care by:

  • Reducing the number of open surgeries
  • Reducing the number of recurrences


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