AVATAR MEDICAL Receives FDA Clearance for its Virtual Reality Planning Solution

AVATAR MEDICAL™ helps surgeons better prepare their procedures.

Our solution generates 3D patient representations based on their medical images in an interactive virtual reality context. These detailed 3D avatars are generated in real-time: we provide an accurate and instantaneous means for clinicians to act upon their understanding of their patient’s medical image.

Get a Clear Vision

Our solution generates 3D patient avatars to help surgeons plan their surgeries, train fellows and engage patients.


Visualize tumor, vessels, muscles and more to prepare your surgeries


See your 3D images in actual 3D


Get your MRI and CT scans instantly converted into customizable digital avatars

Clinical Applications

Our solution allows surgeons to explore patient-specific anatomy in three-dimensional detail, enabling a deeper understanding of complex structures and potential challenges.

Clinical Evidence

AVATAR MEDICAL™ is a multi-award winning spin-off of the Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie.



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