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Visualizing Vascular and Collecting Systems

Vascular and collecting systems in 3D and in VR

Liver Tumor : Measuring the volume of a liver tumor and visualizing the vessels feeding it – CT Scan


Global understanding of patient morphology

Relationship of the tumor with the arteries, veins, and the urinary tract

Automatic measurement of kidney stone

Potential benefits of our future medical solution

Surgical Decision tool

optimizing the renal function of the patient

Planning tool for tumor ablation:

anticipating the difficulty of surgery

Surgical tool

visualizing medical image in 3D during the procedure


operating time



AVATAR MEDICAL is a unique hardware agnostic XR software platform. With the ability to plan based on preoperative imaging and then evaluate as well as confirm based on intraoperative imaging, I now have an additional level of capability and confidence in my advanced percutaneous and endovascular interventions.
Dr. Venkatesh Krishnasamy
Interventional Radiology, Associate Professor of Radiology, Columbia University
The AVATAR MEDICAL system allows us to reproduce and model the surgical field before the surgery, which allows us to better establish a strategy before the operation to decide on our approach.
Dr. Alexandre Ingels
Urologic Surgeon, Hôpital Henri-Mondor, APHP, France