Unlocking the Power of Medical Images for Surgeons

AVATAR MEDICAL™ creates patient avatars to help surgeons visualize medical images.

AVATAR MEDICAL aims at changing the way surgeons access, interpret, and act upon the valuable clinical information contained in medical images. 

Get a clear vision

Transforming your image viewing experience 

Soft tissues

Visualize tumor, vessels, muscles and more to prepare
your surgeries


See your 3D images
in actual 3D


Get your MRI and CT scans instantly converted into customizable digital avatars

Clinical Applications

Our solution generates 3D patient avatars to help surgeons visualize medical images,
train fellows and engage patients.

Clinical Evidence

Breast Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis for Surgeons Using Virtual Reality: A Comparative Study

Journal of Clinical Oncology 
November 12, 2021
El Beheiry et al.

Partial breast resection for multifocal lower quadrant breast tumour using virtual reality

BMJ Case Reports
March 16, 2021 
Laas, El Beheiry, Masson and Malhaire

DIVA, a 3D virtual reality platform, improves undergraduate craniofacial trauma education

Journal of Stomatology,
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

September 29, 2021
Bouaoud et al.

Fast-track VR for Cardiac Imaging in Congenital Heart Disease

Journal of Cardiac Surgery
March 24, 2021
Raimondi et al.

Management of ischiopagus twin separation with a focus on W–S incision design

Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports
December 11, 2020
Ruiz et al.

They Trust Us

Over 200 surgeons and 500 medical students have used AVATAR MEDICAL™ in Europe and in the U.S.,
leading to 10 publications

 AVATAR MEDICAL™ is a real game-changer because I can now see a complete knee in the blink of an eye.”

Dr. Greg Sarin, D.O.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Storm Mountain Orthopedics, Colorado, USA

AVATAR MEDICAL™ greatly simplifies the interpretation of breast MRI sequences for surgeons in my service.”

Pr. Fabien Reyal

Head of Breast Cancer Unit, Institut Curie, France

AVATAR MEDICAL™ is a real collaboration tool that allows us to better communicate with surgeons.”

Dr. Caroline Malhaire, MD

Gynecological and Oncologic Imaging Radiologist, Institut Curie, France

AVATAR MEDICAL™ is a multi-award winning spin-off of the
Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie.

Latest News

Big Wins for AVATAR MEDICAL™ at Laval Virtual Europe 2022!

Big Wins for AVATAR MEDICAL™ at Laval Virtual Europe 2022!

We are happy to announce that AVATAR MEDICAL™ was the winner of three awards at Laval Virtual Europe 2022.  AVATAR MEDICAL won the ReVolution #Startups International Award while DIVA, the technology powering AVATAR MEDICAL, was awarded the VR/AR Healthcare Award and...


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