Surgical and Interventional Oncology

Visualizing Tumor Vascularization in 3D and in VR

Tumor Vascularization in 3D and in VR

Liver Tumor : Measuring the volume of a liver tumor and visualizing the vessels feeding it – CT Scan


Depth visualization of tumors, vessels and surrounding tissues

Measurements in 3D and in VR: tumor volumes, distance to ROI

Import of surgical instruments

Potential benefits of our future medical solution

Surgical Decision tool

endoscopy, robot, open surgery, partial or total ablation

Planning tool for tumor ablation:

probe selection,
surgical approach

Control in the OR


operating time



The AVATAR MEDICAL software package allows for a seamless integration of imaging data into an environment that is apt for planning and executing virtual procedures. This new perspective can give the clinician a firmer grasp of the anatomy involved and the license to explore more creative approaches to a case.
Dr. Brendon Bagley
Vascular and Interventional Radiology, David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB, US Air Force
Copy of First Military demo