Advancing Research in Virtual Reality Medical Imaging

Although the technology has been available for the past 30 years, the practicality of VR has received an upgrade in the last decade as VR headsets have become commercially available and affordable. This new technology can now be used and taken advantage of in the clinical setting.

First publications  show that 3D and VR medical image could have a real impact on the standard of care, by providing:

  • An intuitive way to learn anatomy and pathology
  • An improved surgical decision, planning and navigation tool
  • An efficient way to engage the patient

More than just virtual reality, AVATAR MEDICAL provides a unique visualization experience with the ability to easily navigate through skin, muscles, tumors, vessels and bones, offering a vast array of possibilities to analyze the impact of this new technology for patient care.

We have published in prestigious journals and are actively looking to partner with clinicians to investigate the full potential of this technology in different specialties — and to advance science!

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