Real-life Applications of AVATAR MEDICAL in Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women worldwide. Surgery is the primary treatment for most cases of breast cancer. To ensure successful cancer removal and aesthetically pleasing results, breast surgeons must accurately interpret medical images. Virtual reality (VR) shows promise in enhancing surgical diagnosis and planning by generating highly precise images.

The study titled “Breast MRI Analysis for Surgeons Using Virtual Reality: Real-life Applications, Clinical Case Reports,” presents three real-life patient cases that utilized AVATAR MEDICAL to confirm conservative breast treatment decisions. These cases involved evaluating tumor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, deciding between breast-conserving or radical treatments, and determining loco-regional treatment in a metastatic setting.

AVATAR MEDICAL  proved to be a user-friendly and valuable tool, providing high-quality images that greatly aid in surgery planning and decision-making processes.

The study further highlights AVATAR MEDICAL’s potential impact in facilitating communication between surgeons and radiologists.

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