The Actionable VR Healthcare Experience of 3D Medical Images

AVATAR MEDICAL™ uses virtual reality and Bayesian approaches to allow ultra-fluid navigation within medical image based patient avatars. Compatible with all tomographic image types, no data pretreatment is required. AVATAR MEDICAL™’s unique technology allows physicians to adjust patient representations in real-time and in virtual reality. 

①  Upload Your DICOM Image 

Prepare Your Medical Image

Interact with AVATAR using Virtual Reality

Efficient Analysis 

    • A better understanding of morphologies and pathologies 
    • Rapid 3D measurements

Better Communication 

    • Surgeons see with the eyes of a radiologist
    • Patients understand their treatment

Memory Retention 

    • Lifelike immersive representations
    • Intuitive interaction with patient avatars


Our versatile VR healthcare technology has been used successfully in numerous usage scenarios not limited to: