The Best Visualization Experience of Medical Images

AVATAR MEDICAL™ uses virtual reality and Bayesian approaches to allow ultra-fluid navigation within medical images. Compatible with standard MRI and CT scan images, no data pre-treatment is required. AVATAR MEDICAL™’s unique technology allows physicians to adjust patient representations in real-time and in virtual reality. 

1. Upload Your DICOM Image

2. Prepare Your Visualization in Real-Time

3. Interact with Your AVATAR Using Virtual Reality


Any DICOM format

Supports CT scans and MRIs from all major manufacturers

Surgeons decide, not algorithms

100% of the data is available:
No pre-treatment
No lossy segmentation


No internet access required, just a desktop or a laptop

Real time

Images are reconstructed in 3D/VR in real-time at the point of care

Technology Publications

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
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InferenceMAP: mapping of single- molecule dynamics with Bayesian inference


Nature Methods
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Our versatile VR healthcare technology has been used successfully in numerous usage scenarios not limited to:

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