With AVATAR MEDICAL™, MRIs and CT Scans can be converted instantaneously into an interactive 3D patient avatar to enhance understanding for clinicians, students and patients.

Large hip fracture 

Large Volume Sarcoma with extensive destructive Pelvic Ilium erosion and complex vascular and soft tissue interfaces

One in two Americans (1) and 1.71 billion people worldwide (2) have a musculoskeletal condition, leading to chronic pain and significant healthcare costs.

AVATAR MEDICAL™ addresses these challenges by radically transforming how orthopedic surgeons, physicians, patients and students act upon medical images.

Benefits of our current Research Use Only solution:

  • Accelerating the radiological training of surgeons, fellows and residents
  • Explaining surgical decisions to patients with 3D and VR representations
  • Providing reliable 3D and VR visualization of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and tumors for research purposes

In our future medical solution, we aim to support practitioners in making the best surgical decisions:

  • Better understanding of musculoskeletal problems (spine, knee, shoulder, hip, etc.) for faster surgical decisions
  • Improving surgery planning and templating with 3D measurements of medical device implants

Our goal is ultimately to improve patient care by:

  • Reducing the number of arthroscopies
  • Reducing the number of reoperations


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