AVATAR MEDICAL™ won the most innovative start-up award at MedFIT 2020: Press Release

Among 60 applications received, 30 start-ups were selected to pitch during the Start-up Slams at MedFIT in different categories such as e-Health, implantable devices, tools (research, delivery, clinical development), monitoring, wearable device, IVD, imaging and surgical tools. AVATAR MEDICAL™, a French start-up represented by Elodie Brient-Litzler, Chief Operating Officer, is the winner of this year’s edition of the Start-up Slams, from the Imaging category.

“We applied to the MedFIT Start-up Slams soon after AVATAR MEDICAL™’s incorporation in July 2020 and we were honoured to be selected to pitch. This gave us a great visibility among members of the MedTech ecosystem and led to a number of interesting meetings and opportunities that we will explore in the coming months. We are proud to have been awarded the title of “MedFIT 2020 Most Innovative Start-up” which acknowledges the potential of our virtual reality technology and our approach to deliver it to surgeons. Thank you MedFIT!” Elodie Brient-Litzler, PhD, Chief Operating Officer AVATAR MEDICAL™.

AVATAR MEDICAL™, a ground-breaking spin-off from the Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie, leverages virtual reality and standard medical images (e.g. CT-scan, MRI) to instantly create realistic to-scale patient avatars for surgeons to use in pre-operative planning. Developed hand-in-hand with leading surgery departments, AVATAR MEDICAL™ radically changes how surgeons access, interpret and act upon the valuable clinical information contained in medical images. Benefitting from three years of advanced computer vision & AI research, AVATAR MEDICAL™ was incorporated in Paris in July 2020 by an experienced team of French and American founders, and also operates in the USA. The company currently focuses on improving the preparation of breast cancer surgeries and will explore further applications in oncology in 2021 in several pilot sites. The full commercial deployment of the regulatory approved (FDA and CE) version of the software platform is expected in 2022.

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