AVATAR MEDICAL™ improves undergraduate craniofacial trauma education

Discover the paper published on Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

In 2019, 150 undergraduate medical students of the Université de Paris were provided with three craniofacial trauma cases, for the preparation of diagnosis and treatment plans. The paper has been written by focusing on 50 students.

Craniofacial fracture management is challenging to teach due to the complex anatomy of the head, even when using three-dimensional CT-scans. In order to improve the learning experience, Dr. Jebrane Bouaoud under the supervision of Pr Roman Husein Khonsari developed a training module using AVATAR MEDICAL™’s VR visualization software. This allowed students to have straightforward interactive and immersive visualizations of CT-scans in a user-friendly virtual reality environment.

Additionally, four students were requested to explore these cases and to place six anatomical landmarks on both virtual reality renderings and classic slice-based three-dimensional CT-scan visualizations. Afterwards, each student was asked to fill a questionnaire assessing satisfaction, potential benefit, ease of use, and tolerance.

The assessment of the questionnaire (Bouaoud et al., 2020) reported that 98% of the students were highly satisfied without experiencing specific tolerance issues (86%). Almost all students (98%) reported the potential benefit of a better understanding of craniofacial trauma using virtual reality.

Thus the virtual reality interface of AVATAR MEDICAL™ is beneficial to medical students as it allows them to look in detail at the trauma, its location, and its relation to the key elements of anatomy, providing a better understanding and a reliable rendering of the trauma.

Bouaoud, J., El Beheiry, M., Jablon, E., Schouman, T., Bertolus, C., Picard, A., Masson, J. and Khonsari, R., 2020. DIVA, a 3D virtual reality platform, improves undergraduate craniofacial trauma education. Journal of Stomatology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,.

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