AVATAR MEDICAL™ is an i-Lab 2020 laureate

2020 i-lab competition: two winners from the Institut Pasteur rewarded



On July 16 , the i-Lab 2020 innovation competition distinguished 10 winners, including the AVATAR MEDICAL™ and D4Zin projects resulting from research carried out at the Institut Pasteur.



Supported by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and organized in partnership with Bpifrance Financement, i-Lab is the largest deep tech innovation competition in France. It supports the best business creation projects with a strong technological component with significant financial assistance (up to € 600,000) and appropriate support.



AVATAR MEDICAL™, a visualization platform to facilitate the preparation of complex surgeries  



Using virtual reality, AVATAR MEDICAL™ offers surgeons an immersive and interactive visualization of 3D medical images of patients obtained by MRI or CT scan before operation. 

With this solution, doctors can visualize organs, blood vessels or even tumors, and thus prepare complex medical interventions thanks to ultra-fluid navigation within all the data, without preprocessing.

This innovation in the analysis and visualization of images is based on Bayesian approaches to data processing. AVATAR MEDICAL™ is indeed based on a technology developed for four years by the Bayesian Decision and Processes research team, led by Jean-Baptiste Masson at the Institut Pasteur, in collaboration with the late Maxime Dahan from the observation and control laboratory. of cellular organization, at the Institut Curie.

In addition to fast and intuitive preparation for operations, surgeons can also change display parameters in real time, and navigate in 3D along the intended operative path. AVATAR MEDICAL™ also facilitates the exchange of information between radiologists and surgeons. Surgeons can view 3D structures annotated by radiologists and thus agree on what will be discovered during the operation. 

Currently, around fifteen surgeons use the process and many patients have already benefited from this innovation.

“ We are seeing real enthusiasm, especially among the younger generation of doctors. AVATAR MEDICAL™ brings both a gain in the quality of surgeries and a saving of time in the preparation of complex surgeries ” summarizes Xavier Wartelle, one of the five founders of AVATAR MEDICAL™ and future CEO of the startup.

Thanks to the support of i-Lab, the startup AVATAR MEDICAL™ will be created in 2020 and will be able to develop the artificial intelligence part of the product in order to offer more automated and precise clinical modules (pre-adjustment of filters). 

Laureates: Xavier Wartelle, Elodie Brient-Litzler, Marie Buhot-Launay

Founding researcher (s): Jean-Baptiste Masson and Mohamed El Beheiry (Decision and Bayesian processes research team, Institut Pasteur).




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