How the Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Technologies Are Impacting the Medical Outcomes of Cardiovascular Surgery

Our COO and co-founder, Elodie Brient-Litzler, was featured in a Medical Device News Magazine article about how
AVATAR MEDICAL™ aims to improve the surgical outcomes of cardiovascular procedures.


Over the past ten years, several techniques gathered under AI and the XR acronym have been developed to visualize vascular structures. The benefits of using 3D anatomical models in cardiovascular surgery include better surgical outcomes, safer surgeries, better communication with the patient, and significant time saved. It also helps the surgeon make more informed decisions about the best surgical option.


At AVATAR MEDICAL™, we have developed a VR medical image visualization solution that provides a rich and instantaneous visualization experience. AVATAR MEDICAL™‘s VR visualizations allow surgeons to compare MRI images in 3D or VR before and after a procedure and accelerate the training of residents and fellows. We believe that surgeons need to adjust visualizations to their needs, so we offer a minimal interface boosted by AI-powered filters.


Such developments in three-dimensional visualization will enable better communication between surgeons and their patients, leading to better outcomes.

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