Head and Neck Surgery

Visualizing the Complexity of Head and Neck Anatomy

Craniofacial Trauma: Visualizing Lefort III fractures before and after the surgery in a CT scan


Depth visualization of complex anatomical structures

Visualization of vessels, tumors in relation to bones and soft tissues

Visualization of sinuses and ventricles

Potential use and benefits of our future medical solution

Surgical Decision Tool

Assessment of surgical treatment necessity, robotic, endoscopic vs endonasal surgery

Surgical Planning

FLAP for maxillofacial reconstruction, interventional radiology

Control in the OR

Implant placement confirmation


Operating Time



Most students tell us that they have finally understood some important issues of craniofacial traumatology, which is important for their success in the final examination (Examen Classant National) and their future practice. The ergonomics of the interface allows us to confront the students with a wide variety of variety of cases during the same session.
Pr. Roman Khonsari
Pr of Maxillofacial surgery, APHP Necker Hospital