Enhancing Surgical Planning for Breast Cancer Reconstruction Using Virtual Reality

The publication titled “Three-dimensional virtual reality in surgical planning for breast cancer with reconstruction,” demonstrates the use of AVATAR MEDICAL as an adjunct tool to enhance surgical planning in a specific case involving a 36-year-old woman undergoing a nipple-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction. 

In this clinical case, AVATAR MEDICAL’S patent technology DIVA,  created from magnetic resonance imaging data, enhanced surgical planning, allowing for precise determination of tumor volume, localization, lymph nodes, blood vessels, and the surrounding tissue. This technology facilitated oncoplastic tissue rearrangement.

The study also emphasized the effectiveness of AVATAR MEDICAL’s technology, which enabled surgeons to visualize and manipulate an MRI-based patient reconstruction in virtual reality. This comprehensive view provided a clearer preoperative understanding of the perforators and tumors, thereby improving the overall surgical planning process.

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