Breast Cancer

With AVATAR MEDICAL, a breast cancer MRI can be converted in real-time into an accurate 3D patient avatar to enhance decision making for clinicians.  

Breast cancer on average affects more than 2 million women worldwide every year (World Health Organization).  

With a focus on early surgical or diagnostic intervention we are still seeing an increase in the mortality rate of breast cancer patients.  

Breast cancer imaging faces unique challenges.  Although the use of Contrast-enhanced MRIs have increased the sensitivity and the specificity of cancer detection, false positive and false negative diagnoses still occur. 

AVATAR MEDICAL’s immersive virtual reality software allows surgeons and radiologists to experience medical images in a life-like environment. This allows for a better understanding of the images and structures of the breast. 

Main Features of AVATAR MEDICAL:

  • Better understanding of tumor morphology, margins and volumes 
  • More precise tumor localization for preoperative planning
  • Pre and post neoadjuvant comparisons 
  • Volumetric tumor measurements
  • Powerful tool to educate patients