Breast Cancer

With AVATAR MEDICAL™, a breast MRI can be converted instantaneously into an interactive 3D patient avatar to enhance understanding for clinicians, students and patients.

T1 Injected Breast MRI VS Same MRI Using Our Technology

Breast cancer affects one woman in eight, in the US (1) and France (2). Mastectomies are the result in 36% of early cases (3) and multiple operations are deemed necessary in a lot of cases

Our VR healthcare solution addresses these challenges by radically transforming how surgeons, oncologists, patients, and students understand the content of the breast MRI.

Benefits of our Research Use Only solution:

  • Accelerating the radiological training of surgeons, fellows, and residents
  • Improving treatment compliance by presenting understandable medical images to the patient
  • Providing reliable tumor 3D visualization and measurements for research purposes

In our future medical solution, we aim to support practitioners in making the best surgical decisions:

  • Better understanding and measurements of lesion morphologies, margins, volumes and distances
  • Calculating the tumor-to-breast volume ratio 
  • Evaluating dynamic treatment response with precise pre- and post-neoadjuvant treatment comparisons
  • Visualizing positive lymph nodes associated with breast cancers

Our future goal is to improve patient care by supporting breast cancer surgeons in:

  • Their decisions to perform more conservative surgeries
  • The preparation of successful oncoplastic surgeries


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