Breast Cancer

With AVATAR MEDICAL™, a breast MRI can be converted instantaneously into an accurate 3D patient avatar to enhance decision making for clinicians

Breast cancer affects one woman in eight. It is an omnipresent disease that almost always requires surgical treatment. Mastectomies are the result in 40% of early cases and multiple operations are deemed necessary in at least 15% of the time. The objective of DIVA is to address these challenges by radically transforming how surgeons use medical images. By combining artificial intelligence, virtual reality and user interaction, we allow surgeons to optimized surgical planning and enhance the treatment of their patients.

Breast cancer imaging faces unique challenges.  Although the use of contrast-enhanced MRIs increases the sensitivity and the specificity of cancer detection, false positive and false negative diagnoses still occur. 

AVATAR MEDICAL™ allows surgeons and radiologists to experience medical images in an interactive life-like environment leading to an enhanced understanding of breast cancers

Main Features of AVATAR MEDICAL™:

  • Better understanding of tumor morphology, margins and volumes 
  • More precise tumor localization for preoperative planning
  • Pre and post neoadjuvant comparisons 
  • Volumetric tumor measurements
  • Powerful tool for patient education