Advancing Conservative Breast Cancer Treatments with AVATAR MEDICAL

Oncoplastic surgery enables a broader range of possibilities for conservative breast cancer treatments. However, there remains uncertainty regarding its feasibility in specific situations, such as dealing with multicentric or multifocal lesions, even when the breast volume seems suitable. 


The publication titled “Partial breast resection for multifocal lower quadrant breast tumour using virtual reality” talks about how AVATAR MEDICAL helped determine the suitability of partial surgery for multiple lesions in a 31-year-old patient. 

 By deploying DIVA, the technology that powers AVATAR MEDICAL the breast surgeons could precisely visualize which tumors and breast volumes based solely on the patient’s MRI. The multidisciplinary use of DIVA between the surgeon-for visualization and preparation of the surgery- and the radiologist- for image preparation and discussion of results- led to a clear treatment consensus.


Thanks to this innovative approach, the patient was spared significant disfigurement from cancerous breast surgery while ensuring a safe procedure.

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